How to Avoid the Common Mistakes that Derail Your Purpose in Life

Living on purpose is to become mindful that we were all made to serve some specific role in life. Some of these purposes might be grand, attracting the praises of society. Some of these purposes may be more humble, such as being a parent, teaching or engaging in nonprofit work that may not be as recognized by society but is still important.

The quest of your life is to come into that purpose. And the waste of your life is to miss that purpose. The problem, though, for most of us is determining what our purpose is. Here are 3 mistakes we make while looking for our purpose, ones that can sidetrack or point us in the wrong direction us.

1. The “It Seems So Interesting” Mistake 
Just because you admire something doesn’t mean it’s your purpose. Don’t let yourself be preoccupied by something that should be a pastime. For example, if you enjoy music, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should be the one singing the song or writing the lyrics. By all means enjoy music; just don’t let it take your time and attention.

2. The “I Don’t Like It” Mistake 
Typically, when things annoy us, we’re taught to walk away or ignore it. But occasionally it can benefit us to take a closer look. For example, if somebody does something wrongly, and their error drives us crazy, we shouldn’t criticize the person—we should look at what our incapacity to stand their error can show us. What you cannot stand to see done badly is correctly where you ought to work. For example, if you can’t stand it when there are typos on the church programs  or when company emails are not sent out in a timely fashion—if you want things in order—maybe you should consider working in an area of leadership or administration.

Other people might not even be concerned by these things, but your inability to put up with anything less than quality means that you have an interest there. You need to recognize, “This is an area I have a natural passion about.”

  1. The “I Don’t Like It Quiet” Mistake
    With cell phones, laptops and computers, and endless cable channels, the lives we lead do not always lend time for inner stillness and reflection. We’re going at such a hectic pace that we don’t make space for prayer and meditation. We don’t really look within. It can be challenging at first to recognize our internal heartbeat, but recognizing it determines what will give you success and satisfaction. Think of it as an inner show of appreciation for every minute where you feel in harmony with yourself, and when you hear it—be it loud and clear or soft and slightly muffled—you’ll know exactly what it is and what you’re meant to do on Earth.

You were created for this day and time. By avoiding these common mistakes you will surely be on the right path to live your best life.


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