Finding Your Own Purpose

Being a mother is a full-time, lifelong commitment and once you start, there really is no end to mothering. Everyday, you find yourself being the driver, the maid, the cook, the tutor, the photographer, the cheerleader, and so many other roles. Whether your children are newborns or teenagers or those who are already on the way to creating their own journey, the role of a mom is endless and ever-changing. But beyond these motherly duties, you might also find yourself wondering if you are “just a mom” and nothing more? What other roles and purpose might you serve aside from being a mother?

When you’ve been a full-time mother for so long, chances are you lose time for yourself. Whether it is caring for yourself, socializing, or doing the things you want to do, a full-time mom will often devote all of her time and energy to caring for her family. This often leads to feelings of frustration and resentment due to the fact that being a mother seems like the only thing you know about yourself. However, being a mother means you are also a woman, and being a woman is more than just one role. Every woman is multi-faceted and goes beyond the work she does or the responsibilities she may have. By keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to find your own personal purpose – for yourself and not for other people.

Embrace the Fact that You Are a Woman

            Even though you might be the busiest mother in the world, it is still always good to keep in mind that you are a woman, and you have a purpose for your own self. This means that you are more than just one specific role and that you have your own dreams and desires. Do not feel guilty when you start to feel as if you are looking for something more or something else in your life – this is natural. Different women, though they may all be mothers, have different wants, needs, or interests and it is by being able to tap into these longings that you will truly find your own personal purpose.

Venture Into What You Want

            Finding your personal purpose means finding what it is that you are meant to do aside from being a mother. This is a whole other side of you that you must also nurture and grow in order to be truly happy and satisfied. Don’t be afraid of going for what you want, whether it’s learning something new, starting a business, or going for that promotion.

Remember that being a mother is the noblest of all women’s purposes, but she fulfills other roles too. Whether she’s a powerful career woman, a public servant, or anything else, these are all responsibilities and roles that when nurtured, will bring a woman endless fulfillment.

Written by Carl Mathis, author of Pursuing Your Purpose. Visit Carl’s website at

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