Attracting Success

Success may often seem elusive to some people. When you look around and see people with luxury homes, driving luxury cars and wearing designer clothes and shoes that may be perceived as the definition of success. Oftentimes people are left wondering, why them and not me? How did they become more successful than me and how can I be more successful in my life?

While success may seem ambiguous for some and not others, success can definitely be attracted to you. Once you clearly define what success means to you instead of comparing your life to others, you allow yourself the mental space to begin to plan, dream and emotionalize your goals.

Many goal setting, dream casting or success methods require goal setting, but this can often leave people feeling dispassionate about what they desire to achieve.

Paul J. Meyer is quoted as saying,

Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon… must inevitably come to pass!”

Once we have our mindsets at this level,outdated goal-setting exercises are naturally exchanged by the more dominant technique of setting intentions to attract success. A goal is something we do not have that we desire to get. Our belief is that the desired object or experience is separate from us.

Traditional goal-setting exercises show us how to crawl toward the outcome in baby-step goals, each step meant to build up our self-confidence until desire turns into belief. This can take a long time.

An intention, on the other hand, is a goal but with all doubt about its attainment removed. Baby steps are not needed because there is no doubt about getting what we desire. Instead of inching toward it, we can simply sit back and let it come running to us. The main dissimilarity, however, between intentions and goals is direction of effort. With goals, we push effort toward the object. With intentions, we draw or attract the object to us.


This may seem like a subtle shift in thinking, but it is an important one if you want to move from accomplishing a few goals to achieving any all of the goals you set. Small changes in how we think make huge differences attracting the success you desire.


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